Sunday, February 3, 2013

I need a hobby...oh, wait! and a FREEBIE alert!

Ok Kids,

I have a treat for you...we'll get to that shortly.

So naturally, as a teacher, I am a type A. Not just a type A's a problem.

I worry. about. everything.

Things I can control, things I can't. Personal stuff, professional stuff.

Not just worry I let things consume me. I obsess. It really is a problem, I know.

Anywhoosies, I was out to lunch with the girls the other day and they recommended I "find a hobby".

One of them sweetly reminded me of this little ole' blog and how much I used to love working on it...and creating stuff for you guys, which I sweetly said...something for school CAN NOT be my hobby too.

but let's be honest...I love it. I love my job clearly because we sure don't do it for the moolah. I love creating things for the kiddos and you guys to use sooo... Dana's (yes both of my friends are named Dana) I think this will be my needed hobby....blogging, creating, etc...

In fact, if I could make a career out of just creating ...I think I would.

So, first of all, I am not always the flowing fountain of inspiration for creating things. If you have any requests I'd love to here them. From worksheets, to centers, to units, to classroom management tools i'd be happy to create any of these for you :) I have for you a set of 2nd Grade no excuse word playing cards. Click HERE to grab your set. I am imagining using these as a word work choice for Daily 5 and letting the kids play a memory game with them. I figure the more they are emersed in these words maybe, EVENTUALLY, they will remember how to spell/read/write them, right??

I could also see the cards being used to sort and write in ABC order...again, I am thinking EMERSE, EMERSE, EMERSE!

What else could, would, will you use these for?

On another completely random note....everything I do make these days I find myself using graphics from this AMAZING blog...

Graphics From the Pond

She has SUPER easy to understand terms of use, she has SO MANY freebies, and everything is absolutely precious. Please visit!



  1. How did I miss you were back in action?? Glad you are back in the blogging world and creating items!! It does feel great doesn't it?

    Apples and Papers

  2. OMGoodness! I have such a HUGE smile on my face...seeing you at the top of my blog roll is beyond awesome! I have missed you oodles!

    You are amazing and such a huge blessing to your kiddos. I am glad you are back sharing with us!


    Heather's Heart

  3. seeing you "around" should start selling on TpT...that'll keep you busy! ;)

    Love ya bunches!

    Crisscross Applesauce in First Grade

  4. I've missed you! I always got a good chuckle from reading your posts. Hope things are well.

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