Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Moving Day!!

Hey Guys,

Last time I promised you some big news and updates and boy, do I have them!!

First of all, I have MOVED! New city, new school (starting in a week) and the best part....I am getting married!!!! And in keeping with the theme of updates I have a BRAND NEW BLOG that I am super excited about complete with a TPT store, Blog Lovin', Instagram and Facebook page. I mean I figure it's all or nothin', right?

So, after today you will only be able to find me at my NEW blog created by the amazing Sarah over at Beyond the Gradebook . She is SUCH a doll and came up with something absolutely perfect for me...and when she is a big and famous blog designer I am gonna' be able to say I was her first ....and "I knew her back when"...

Anyways, a new room and a new school means BRAND new ideas and BRAND new room design and organization so therefore my new blog, Organized and Alhabetized was created!
I couldn't be more excited and I would love to see all of the amazing followers of this blog come and keep up with me on the new one....and who knows, there might even be a freebie or a give away making its debut soon! ;)